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Mars CEO, Grant F. Reid, speaking on a stage at a conference.

CEO of Mars Responds to Civil Unrest at the Nation’s Capital


"I am appalled by the attack on the nation’s Capitol yesterday and other incidents of violence in cities across the country. The divisiveness and violence must end, and peace must be restored. Despite our differences, it is time for us to unite behind our democratic processes and for all elected leaders to support a peaceful transition – for the good of all Americans."


Mars is transforming the way we do business and innovating to drive positive change for people and the planet. We started in 2017, by launching Our Sustainable in a Generation Plan. With an initial $1 billion investment, we are focusing on three key areas — Healthy Planet, Thriving People and Nourishing Wellbeing. We have made meaningful progress to curb our environmental impact, improve lives in the workplaces, supply chains and communities where we work and help billions of people and their pets lead healthier, happier lives.

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Demonstrators holding signage declaring standing up for climate justice.

Climate Justice: A Movement Gaining Traction

BY LISA MANLEY, Vice President, Sustainability, Mars

We play an important role to fight climate change. From setting emission reduction targets to responding to environmental risks in our operations, we are using our voice and political power to advocate and work for a better future.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Transparency Is Essential

BY BARRY PARKIN, Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer, Mars

By changing what materials we buy and how we buy them, we can make an impact on climate change, human rights and income. Simplifying our palm oil supply chain is one way we are creating?the world we want tomorrow by investing in farmers today.

We Are Stepping Up Because Society Is Counting on Us

We Are Stepping Up Because Society Is Counting on Us


It is more important than ever to lead significant action on the big issues facing our global community — including climate change, poverty, obesity, water stress and damage to the world’s ecosystems. It requires partnership between business, governments and NGOs and we are committed to create our best tomorrow by transforming how we do business today.


At Mars, we’re united by our differences. Each day we have an opportunity to bring our full selves to work. And our company looks for ways to embrace diversity of thought, background, heritage to create a thriving workplace — and to support our efforts to build a sustainable, thriving world.

Learn more about our Inclusion and Diversity strategy

Standing Together

CEO of Mars on Navigating Challenging Times


We remain steadfast and committed to build the future we want for ourselves, society and the planet. And we will address chronic issues of climate change, plastics, an economy that leaves people behind and systemic racial injustice.

Ibtehal_I&D page

Turning Meaningful Inclusion & Diversity Conversations into Action

BY IBTEHAL FATHY, Global Inclusion & Diversity Officer, Mars

At Mars, we’re diverse in our backgrounds, perspectives and cultures and we’re driven to reach our goals around inclusion, gender balance and workforce representation.

Impact of Covid 19 on Women

The Impact of COVID-19 on Women

BY LISA MANLEY, Vice President, Sustainability, Mars

The pandemic disproportionately affects women, so we will ensure to prioritize equal representation and equitable recovery plans that places them at the center of our response.

How We Will Build Back Better for People in Our Supply Chain

BY HEIDI KOESTER OLIVEIRA,?Human Rights Senior Manager at Mars?

While the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we know collaboration is the key to create the urgent solutions our farming communities need most right now.

Business Transformation

Building the world we want to see tomorrow starts with?how?we do business today — from product innovation to transforming the workplace to disrupting business as usual. In these ever-evolving times, we’re driven to transform our business by thinking big and acting boldly.

Economics of Mutuality

Mars Launches Economics of Mutuality Foundation

BY STEPHEN BADGER, Director and former Chairman of the Mars Board

As leaders, we have an obligation to do business better. Our commitment to mutuality lets us redefine and reimagine how we approach creating financial value, providing opportunities for individuals and protecting the environment.

Digital Engine

Our Digital Engine Enhances and Accelerates Transformation

BY SANDEEP DADLANI, Global Chief Digital Officer, Mars

To better serve people, their pets and the communities where they live, we must ensure our Associates have all the tools they need to create value. Our user-centric Digital Engine focuses on data, analytics and speed, and it helps empower Associates to provide our ever-evolving consumers with the best possible experience.

Jean-Christophe Flatin, President, Innovation, Science, Technology & Mars Edge.

Tips for Growing a Disruptive Mindset in Your Company

BY JEAN-CHRISTOPHE FLATIN, President, Innovation, Science, Technology & Mars Edge

We find ourselves in a situation unlike any we’ve seen before. This pandemic is forcing all of us into a new normal. But we can handle it together and we’ll get through it with calm, communication and care.

Mars Office

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As? a private, family-owned business, we have the freedom to build a better tomorrow, today. Our leaders are industry experts, taking values-based actions to help our business and the world thrive.

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