For over 50 years, we have continued to lead research, innovation and development in equine nutrition and feeding. We are passionate to help benefit the lives of our horses and ponies, whether competitive performance is the goal or simply enjoying the pleasures that horses bring, our expertise ensures that you can provide the best nutrition for your horse.

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Kinship is here to help everyone pet parent like a pro. That means using data, interconnected technologies, and the diverse knowledge and skills of our coalition of companies to reimagine and set radically new standards in how people care for pets. We deliver products, services, and solutions to help pet parents be the best they can be, and ultimately create a better world for pets.

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CRAVE dog and cat food is crafted with your pets’ natural desires in mind. CRAVE recipes nourish your pets with a high-protein, grain-free diet. For owners looking to cater to their pet’s instinctual desires, CRAVE recipes make it simple by providing the nutrients for a strong, lean body and energy to chase.

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