Halloween Means Giving Back at Mars

Halloween season is one of the busiest times of year at Mars – from our workplace Boo Bashes around the world, to costume giveaways – and even being a part of popular culture debates on the most in-demand treats (Mars Wrigley makes 5 of the top 10 items sold at Halloween). But most importantly, this season gives us an opportunity to bring better moments to people around the world and give back to local communities where we live and work. For example, in the coming weeks we’ll give more than 6,000 costumes to kids who need them most around the U.S.

The Mars Wrigley Foundation’s Litter Less Partnership Begins Next Chapter

The next generation continues to demonstrate passion and perseverance to keep our planet healthy. Together, the Mars Wrigley Foundation and the Foundation for Environmental Education continue to support students through the Litter Less campaign. Now the longest-running school campaign addressing issues of litter and waste, Litter Less has entered its fourth phase and will be implemented in 15 countries through 2021, meaning more proud smiles for students of all ages.?

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